What’s Your Metabolic Type and Why Should You Care?

Ever wonder why Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Brie Larson, Chris Pratt, Gillian Anderson and many more A-List Celebs swear by “Nutritionist to the Stars” Dr. Philip Goglia’s nutritional advice? Are we eating the wrong kinds of food for our metabolic types ??  According to Dr. Goglia, our metabolic types determine what foods are optimal for our bodies. Do you know yours?  If not, there’s a free online quiz for that!

We’re fans of Dr. Goglia, mainly because he gets that diet is a huge contributor to improving your health (including weight loss, if that’s what you’re after), and he has some pretty impressive credentials.

Some of Dr. Golgia’s Credentials

In fact, according to Dr. Goglia,  eighty percent of weight loss results come from your diet.  He also claims that working out can actually be detrimental to you and even cause weight gain! With intense workouts alone, you’re essentially fighting an uphill battle that very few people win.

The quiz is relatively short and focuses on establishing what the Doctor calls your “Metabolic Type.”  Note that you will be asked your age, weight, height and goals, along with a series of straightforward nutrition-related questions.

What’s Included In Your Customized Metabolic Report?

After taking the quiz, the resulting report is fully customized to you, including your age, weight, height and goals.   What we particularly like is the customized and detailed 18 Page Report which includes items such like this:

  • Your personalized metabolic type assessment
  • Information about traits associated with your metabolic type 
  • Your “Golden Ratio” that outlines your ideal mix between proteins, fats and carbs for optimal health and weight improvement.
  • An outline of symptoms that you might experience, such as low energy,  and advice to help you address these items.  
  • Tips on improving your metabolism and getting a healthier. 

Also, the report will provide you good tips on improving your metabolism, thankfully without starving yourself, counting calories or buying into a one-size-fits-all plan.  In case you’re interested, here’s a sample page from the customized report (yours may be different):

If nothing else, self-exploration quizzes are always fun.  Added bonus here is you get some useful and practical information from someone with pretty impressive credentials.  Be forewarned that you’ll also be given an option to sign up for Dr. Goglia’s G-Plan service after completing the Quiz, but there’s no obligation to do so (although you may want to seriously consider it as the service and support provided are pretty awesome).